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Tatiana Salem Levy

Tatiana Salem Levy is a Brazilian writer living between Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon. She was born in Portugal in 1979, grandchild of Turkish Jews and daughter of Brazilians in exile during the dictatorship. Salem Levy holds a PhD in Literature. Her debut novel The House in Smyrna  (“A Chave de Casa”) was an immediate bestseller and has been translated into several languages. The book was awarded the São Paulo Literature Prize and was a finalist for the Jabuti Prize in 2008. The author is a regular presence at national and international literary festivals and was selected among the Best of Young Brazilian Novelists 2012 by Granta magazine. Her story Lost Time was highly praised by Ian McEwan and her novel The House at Smyrna has been voted by The Guardian among the Best Books of 2015. The Independent counts Tatiana Salem Levy among the best authors of the present Brazilian literature.

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