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Rahul Bery

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Based in Cardiff, Wales, Rahul has translated fiction and non-fiction from Brazil and Portugal, including authors such as Patricia Portela, Lilia M. Schwarcz, Daniel Pellizzari, Daniel Galera, Ana Pessoa, José J. Veiga and more. He also works in translation outreach and education with the Stephen Spender Trust and the Translation Exchange at Queen's College, Oxford, and in 2018-2019 was Translator in Residence at the British Library. His debut full-length translation, 'Kokoschka's Doll' by Afonso Cruz, was published by Maclehose in 2021. He's currently working on 'Nothing Can Hurt You Now', by Simone Campos, to be published in early 2023 by Pushkin Vertigo. He's a founding committee member of PELTA.

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